Default profile cover photo is used as the teaser image if there isn't an article image.

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  • The cover photo was previously used for user profiles only, but is used in a few more places in 5.2 as some sort of default image. It will be used whenever there is no explicit value set.

    What if I don't want an article image but want to use a specific teaser image? I can't do it because the teaser image I would choose would be overridden by the cover photo. It's an awful way of handling a missing article image.

  • The whole implementation of how article images gets resized is bad "full stop". You should be able to post a full size image for article and it get resized as smaller for the teaser image without any cropping of the image at all.

    I get that they want to try and keep all the teaser images displayed in a row the same size for a better uniform look. But it doesn't work very good when images are being cropped (and most of the time looking terrible cropped) to do it.

    I also found it bad before adding articles with images. That you basically had to play around each time resizing any images into Google banner type logo images to suit being used as the Article/Teaser image (to avoid the cropping taking place). Which is bad because you're losing most the actual image/photo you wanted to post