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    I think it would be also very useful to activate&deactivate the menu notifications for posts they do not concern the user,

    for example, I-m a new user, once completed the registration I should not see any "numbers" near the menu items and should receive so only when a post, event, blog (and so on) in which I took part has a new reply , comment etc as this can put people off.

    So maybe the activation/deactivation by single app (Forum, blog, calendar, gallery) would give us more opportunities in how we want to set up our forum

    all the best

    let me guys know what you think


    It would be nice if I could add a usergroup instead of only users to permissions to write into a Blog,

    As i'm adapting the Blog extension to "News" (instead of articles) and I have a journalist usergroup would be handy to be able to do that.

    I'm doing this so that Articles are accountable of the single user and do not have to grant access to the ACP

    please do let me know if you have better ways :)

    All the best