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    Don't know Paul. I have not installed any of the new version of WBB. Don't run sites any further now apart from me still having my old unused phpBB site up for the time being.

    The whole implementation of how article images gets resized is bad "full stop". You should be able to post a full size image for article and it get resized as smaller for the teaser image without any cropping of the image at all.

    I get that they want to try and keep all the teaser images displayed in a row the same size for a better uniform look. But it doesn't work very good when images are being cropped (and most of the time looking terrible cropped) to do it.

    I also found it bad before adding articles with images. That you basically had to play around each time resizing any images into Google banner type logo images to suit being used as the Article/Teaser image (to avoid the cropping taking place). Which is bad because you're losing most the actual image/photo you wanted to post

    You might have to use an image shown in the article resized to a certain size so it doesn't get cropped on height in the teaser. Making it something like a Google Ads banner style image so it's not that tall to suit being resized for the teaser image as well

    I am guessing that release of 5.2 is fairly close , should i hold off buying the software until then ?

    Don't buy it until this new version goes final release, or WoltLab say any new licences bought will cover this version also. If you buy a license before it's said (or before this version) goes final release for sale. Then the license will only cover you to download the current stable version (and not this version) when it goes final release and up for sale. You'd have to pay another upgrade cost to download it.

    So yes, hang on before buying.

    WoltLab do tend to post on the official forum just before this versions release, that any new license bought from that time onwards will cover this version as well. But you need wait until they post as much on the other forum.

    Shame they didn't add the ability to insert smilies easy using the comment system. Nor are guest posts still not pulled in Recent Activities. I mentioned both ages ago and thought they was being added done in this new version, seems not though.